FAT or FiTT: Are anvil clouds or the tropopause temperature-invariant?
Seeley, Jeevanjee, and Romps
Geophysical Research Letters
Formation of tropical anvil clouds by slow evaporation
Seeley, Jeevanjee, Langhans, and Romps
Geophysical Research Letters


Tropical cloud buoyancy is the same in a world with or without ice
Seeley and Romps
Geophysical Research Letters



Quantum computation

Before graduate school, I spent some time researching quantum computers with Peter Love, who was then at Haverford College. I have not kept up with the field, but it appears that the simulation technique we developed remains promising.

The Bravyi-Kitaev transformation: properties and applications
Tranter et al., incl. Seeley (2015)
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry
The Bravyi-Kitaev transformation for quantum computation of electronic structure
Seeley, Richard, and Love (2012)
Journal of Chemical Physics


Convection, Radiation, and Climate: Fundamental Mechanisms and Impacts of a Changing Atmosphere
PhD dissertation (embargoed)
Inelastic light scattering measurements of a pressure-induced quantum liquid in KCuF3
Yuan et al., incl. Seeley (2012)
Physical Review Letters

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